Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mini Me

I'm in such a state of reflection about a recent truth I've admitted to myself.  I have a "Mini Me" and her name is Talley.  I'm conflicted about this.  On one hand, isn't it every parent's dream to have a child that takes more after them than the other parent?  Or is that just me?  (Cue the cat clock eyes desperately looking right and left.)  On the other hand, cucui. 

Talley turned three years old recently, so it is becoming more and more apparent every day that she is her mama.  To be fair, she spends the majority of her time with me so it was bound to happen.  She picks up my mannerisms, my style of speech, my favorite catch phrases, and all that other stuff that makes up a personality.   Like I mentioned, this is a funky cross between flattery and eeeeekkkkkkk!  I live with a little magic mirror that shows me just how annoying I am capable of being.  Not fun.

I am hopeful that this will play out to my advantage, though.  It is my goal in life to make Talley my best friend because she is funny and makes me giggle.  Also, I plan to room with her at college so it would be most beneficial if we liked each other.  Here's my thought process: If we are so much alike already, then scientifically speaking, won't it just naturally occur that we will be BFF?  It totally makes sense, right?!  Well, not according to Talley.  I asked her who her best friend is and she said Coco.  The dog.  The dog that jumps on her and scratches her and barks in her face.  Not cool, Talley.  Not cool at all. 

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